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Body Piercings

Trained by some of the most experienced piercers in the USA and Europe to include Jack Yount, Fakir Musafar and Mike Natali,  Mac and Jackie bring their own combined 32 years of professional piercing experience to make your pierce the best it can be. We have honed our skills and techniques over the years to try to make your  pierce not only as painless as possible but also a very safe and satisfying experience.

We are NOT a "one size fits all" piercing studio.  We custom fit jewelry to each individual pierce with a wide range of  "nickle free" jewelry in varying styles, guages, metals and colors.  Our pierces include but are not limited to navels, nostrils, earlobes, tragus, conch, industrials, eyebrows, labrets, Marilyns and Madonnas. 

We are the original "EAR STRETCHERS" of East Texas with a full line of expanded earwear jewelry in varying guages.  We have surgical stainless, titanium and organic jewelry from 16g. to  2" inches.  We carry organics in water buffalo horn, rosewood, ebony wood, coconut, raintree,  saba and palm wood....

For the more EXOTIC pierces you have in mind, we do dermal anchors, surface piercing and a variety of genital piercing including nipples, clit hoods, inner and outer labia, Prince Alberts,  Jacobs ladders, scrotums and frenums.

Great piercing with the jewelry and cleaning solutions always included in the price.

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